Frequently Asked Questions

About DrGo

For now, Amazing Medical, Ascendo Health, Dr. Wendy Wong‘s Clinic, EC Healthcare, Fu Heng Medical Centre, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, Gleneagles Healthcare, HealthKit Medical Centre, Human Health, Hong Kong Medical Consultants, Max Medical Centre, Medical Concierge Limited, Pop Point Medical Centre, Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), Primecare Paediatric Wellness Centre, Quality HealthCare, River Cam Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic, The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and Yu Fung Chinese Medicine Centre would partner with DrGo to provide medical consultation services. DrGo will continue to expand its doctor network in collaboration with other hospitals, clinic chains, and doctors.

DrGo’s service hours are 8:00a.m. – 8:00p.m. (Monday to Sunday, including public holidays).

The consultation fees for each medical practitioner or Chinese medicine practitioners may be different. The consultation fee with a general practitioner or Chinese medicine practitioners will include up to certain number of days of basic medication if the medical practitioner or Chinese medicine practitioners renders it necessary and appropriate based solely on his professional judgment. To make a booking request to attend a video consultation with a medical practitioner on DrGo, you are required to pay a booking fee (HK$100) (if applicable), which booking fee will be fully deducted from the final amount payable for your use of DrGo service upon completion of a consultation. At present, the total fee from HK$368 , including doctor's consultation fee, up to certain number of days of basic medication and one-time free medicine delivery service.

Registration & Eligibility

The medical practitioner may request a User to show the medical practitioner via the video consultation the identification document (e.g. his Hong Kong Identity Card) used to book for the video consultation on DrGo in order for the medical practitioner to verify the identity of the User. If the User fails to do so, the medical practitioner may in his discretion reject the User for the video consultation.

Yes. When you make a booking request for a consultation with a medical practitioner, you are required to upload a clear image of your valid Hong Kong Identity Card, passport or birth certificate onto DrGo App. If you do not do so, your booking request may be declined.

If you are pregnant, you may register and remain registered as a DrGo User, but you may not make a booking request for a general practice consultation on DrGo; however, this restriction is not applicable if you are making a booking request for a consultation with a Chinese medical practitioner.

Please note that pregnant ladies and children under 6 years of age may not book to see a doctor on DrGo. But the aforesaid restrictions are not applicable if you are making a booking request for a consultation with a Chinese medical practitioner or Paediatrics. If you have any symptoms which may require immediate medical attention, DrGo is not suitable for you. At the time of the video consultation, the user must physically be in Hong Kong. If you are a minor (i.e. under 18 years of age) at the time of video consultation, you are required to be physically accompanied by an adult during the video consultation.

Medical Consultation

If a medical practitioner renders it necessary and appropriate based on his professional judgement after a consultation, he may issue medical certificates (e.g. sick leave certificate) and/or referral letters and/or prescribe medication to you. Any such medication and Medical Certificate, together with a DrGo receipt, will be delivered to your designated address.

DrGo is not suitable for symptoms requiring immediate medical assistance. DrGo does not (i) provide emergency medical service; or (ii) provide care for any acute medical conditions, and should not be used as such. DrGo may not be appropriate for all medical conditions or symptoms. If (a) you require emergency medical assistance; (b) you are or have been experiencing symptoms that would require immediate medical attention, which may include, without limitation:

Speech difficulty
Suicidal or homicidal thought
Chest pain
Severe bleeding
Confusion and/or hallucination
Loss of consciousness
Other serious medical or similar symptoms,
Breathing difficulty
Broken bone
Severe pain
Weakness in arm or leg

please call for an ambulance or go to the Accident & Emergency Department at your nearest hospital.

No. A medical practitioner is not allowed to take any screen capture, photograph, sound-recording or video of any part of a consultation or any part of the interface of the DrGo App during a consultation, and you (and anyone accompanying you during your consultation) are also not allowed to do any of the aforesaid.

Instructions on how to take or administer any prescribed medications will be stated on the packaging of the medications. Such instructions will also be made available under "Records > Appointment History"

You can contact DrGo Customer Service, who will relay your message to the doctor concerned. It is up to the doctor to decide whether a medical certificate or referral letter should be issued to you, based on his / her professional judgement. First-time Delivery Service for each consultation is generally free and if a second delivery has to be arranged, you will be liable to pay for the second delivery.


At present, DrGo only accept online payment via Visa, MasterCard credit cards, Tap & Go and AlipayHK.

Please check with your insurance service provider to see if your plan covers the service offered by DrGo. You may also need to identify the documents required to make an insurance claim. You will find your DrGo’s payment history under “Payment records” on the DrGo App.


You will receive your medicines, medical certificate and/or referral letter via delivery arranged by DrGo. We aim to deliver the same to you within the same day after completion of your consultation.

Except for following situations:

(a) Specialty Service provided by Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong – with net medicine fee above HK$10,000.

(b) Psychiatric Service and Psychological Service

In the above situations, self-collection of medicine and other relevant documents (if any) at the relevant hospital or clinic will be required.

If a delivery person arrives at your designated address at the agreed delivery time but somehow is unable to make the delivery for any reason whatsoever (other than due to the fault of the delivery person) (e.g. if no one is at the delivery address when a delivery person arrives at the scheduled delivery time or when no adult is at the delivery address to receive the delivery if the User is a minor) and another delivery time has to be arranged, DrGo’s Customer Service (whose staff will act as the prime contact point with Users via “Messages” in the DrGo App, on matters that do not involve the practice of medicine) will contact you and you will be liable to pay a surcharge for the delivery as may be required to DrGo or directly to our delivery partner (a Third Party Provider).

After payment, any prescribed medicines, medical certificate (e.g. sick leave note) and/or referral letter, together with the receipt, will be placed in a sealed delivery bag. To enable pickup and delivery of any prescribed medication after a consultation, you are required to authorise the designated delivery person (the name and staff number of whom will be advised to you by the Customer Service) of DrGo’s delivery partner to pick up your medication from the relevant hospital or clinic of the medical practitioner you have consulted and deliver the same to you, for and on your behalf. The Customer Service will contact you for such authorisations and delivery arrangements after the consultation. In order for the Delivery Bag to be delivered to your designated address, you are required to give such authorisations to the Customer Service via “Messages” in the DrGo App after the consultation, as well as to sign a designated physical authorisation form on the Delivery Bag (which signature will also signify your due receipt of the Delivery Bag), and allow the designated delivery person to take a photograph of your signed authorisation form and send the photograph to DrGo, at the time of the delivery of the Delivery Bag. The Customer Service will also send you a unique case number, which case number must be presented (which may be orally) to the designated delivery person when collecting the Delivery Bag at your designated address.

Yes. You can contact DrGo’s Customer Service to check the delivery status.

Our delivery service will be suspended under bad weather conditions, including, without limitation, typhoon signal No.8 or above, black rainstorm warning, serious flooding or road blockage or closure due to bad weather. If this happens, our Customer Service will contact you via phone call or DrGo in-app message. We will resume our delivery service as soon as possible after the bad weather conditions have gone and our Customer Service will contact you re-delivery arrangements. Please note that your delivery bag may be sent back to the relevant hospital or clinic which your doctor belongs to and may not be delivered to you on the same day of your video consultation if our delivery agent estimates that the arrival time to your delivery address to be passed midnight.

Privacy & Electronic Records

We are committed to processing your Data in accordance with the required standards. We may collect, use and hold a range of different Data about you. For the purposes of carrying on our business of providing the DrGo platform which facilitates the provision of medical and healthcare services by medical practitioners to eligible users (including the verification of your identity, the registration, activation and management of your account with us, and billing and charging) and complying with laws, rules, guidelines, regulations and/or requests issued by applicable government authorities, courts, law enforcement or other authorities or regulatory bodies.

No. Your symptoms will only be shared with the concerned doctor and the hospital / medical clinic (hospital group / medical clinic group) to which the doctor belongs, for the purpose of your consultation.

No. Any medical consultation is between you and the relevant medical practitioner, subject to the medical practitioner satisfying himself that you are suitable for a telemedicine interaction, without any involvement of or visibility to DrGo.

Yes. You may request for such removal by contacting DrGo Customer Service after completion of your consultation and successful medicine delivery. If you do so, you will be required to re-enter your identification document (i.e. your HKID card, passport or birth certificate) when you book for your next consultation.

No. The “Records” function in the DrGo App is created to store and provide access for you to your information relating to your use of DrGo, which may include diagnosis of medical practitioner(s) and your payment history. Any such records are for your reference only. DrGo does not keep any of your medical records. After a consultation, your medical records will be kept at the medical practitioner’s clinical management system.

Yes. If you wish to cancel your registration with DrGo or terminate your DrGo account, please select "Profile > My account" in DrGo App, click "Delete account" then follow the instructed actions. You can also fill in and return to us a designated termination form. You may obtain a termination form by emailing Customer Service at Upon receiving a duly completed termination form, your DrGo account will usually be terminated within seven (7) Working Days.

System Requirement

iPhone devices running iOS 14.0 or later version.
Android phone running Android 9.0 or later.
All eye3 device running Android 9.0 or above, except LG Gpad 7.0 (Model No. LG-V400).
Huawei phone and device running Android 10 or below, plus able to use “Google Play Store” to download and update app, and able to use other Google service normally.
* DrGo app is not suitable for all Huawei phone and device which is running EMUI, Harmony OS, or unable to use any Google service.